In their own words...


Thank you for coming and helping me. Our color has looked awesome! Like I mentioned to you several times while you were here, I believe anybody who uses an inkjet printer should use your services.


Also, I think your idea for coming up with a process to rival G7 is brilliant. It is severely needed and without it I believe our industry will suffer. If Idealliance thinks they are the leaders in our industry they are giving many people poor information and false hope, and you can quote me on that.


--Brain Finch: Dec-O-Art (A G7 Certified Printer); Elkhart, IN



"I used to print test strips all the time. I never do anymore. Ever."


--Howard Stevens: Giant Printing; Austin, TX



Mike is the "Yoda" of color management and making printer profiles. We've had him make several profiles for multiple printers, and now everything looks great! Words can't describe how amazing it is to be able to have a variety of printers printing a wall mural, and they all match!


--Patrick Finn: Speedpro Imaging Corporate



I have been in the vehicle wraps business for 6 years now and I can tell you from experience that Mike's services are second to none. The color that comes from our printers after Mike profiles them is better than the manufacture can make them print at the trade shows.


We sell our products based on the color vibrancy and clarity that Mike has helped us to achieve. When Mike comes to your business to profile your machines, he not only does what you have asked him to do, but he also educates you on the reason for what he is doing and why he is doing it. In an industry where people come and go, he has been around the entire time that I have been and I have not heard a bad thing about him.


Several times I have recommended him to other shops in the large format graphics industry only to hear that they were as pleased as we were with his services. If you have printers and want to get the most out of them, call him and schedule him for a visit.


--Tommy Strader: 360 Wraps; Dallas, TX



“I work in a small shop that has benefited greatly from Mike's expertise and support. We print high-end fine art reproductions, and in particular for one artist whose work requires us to nail very subtle neutrals. Those neutrals are nearly effortless to achieve since Mike put our workflow in order!


While profiling our one printer, he took the time to teach us the whole process so that we could profile future media and printers. When we subsequently added another printer to the shop I was able to do a great deal of the profiling myself (with some coaching via telephone from Mike), with only having to send him printed patches for the final steps.


Mike is very patient and provides great customer service. Worth every penny!”


--Kimbery Gatesman: Riverside Art; Sommerset, MA




“If you're a print shop of any size and calibre, you've sworn at colour before. I'd seen it, done it, kicked it. I was well versed in colour theory, but I felt that colour management fell short of its promises. My screen didn't quite match the print; one printer didn't match another, even when the workflow was theoretically correct. Every job with critical colour, I'd have to print a test first, and tweak as necessary.


Then I met Mike in a RIP software forum. We spoke on the phone. He made some Texan sized claims and he backed them with a hard as nails guarantee - if you don't think it's worth it, don't pay me!


Three different resounding recommendations for Mike here.


1) What I now see is what I get, and if I want a print to match across several different media - well it's almost embarrassingly straightforward. I used to waste so much time! Everyone would tell me - getting colours right takes time and effort. Well, frankly, getting colour right now is fast and simple. Don't tell anyone!


2) It's not just about accuracy. Mike has massively improved our colour. He's found us the largest possible gamut on each media. This article demonstrates Mike's profile vs the manufacturers profile on a well known canvas media. Customers bought our print before. What do you think they make of this now!


3) Mike worked in my office for an enjoyable, educational week. He has a very special talent - he's an expert who can share his expertise at all levels. A true professional who doesn't settle for being nearly perfect.


Remember that guarantee... "If you don't think it's the best money you've ever spent, you don't have to pay." Well £airfare+hotel+car+fee and with the exception of my wife's engagement ring (I'm not stupid!) it was the best money I've ever spent!”


--Craig Hudson: Hudson Display Services; Southend On Sea, UK




“We are really starting to realize just how much we should have done this years ago, the accuracy of stuff coming off the printers is amazing. I’m guessing we will be saving between $20 and $60 per day by not doing test after test, and that’s just the hard costs. That’s a lot of money yearly. The time saved is adding up quickly too, and jobs that used to be a headache roll right through. Amazing..”


--Jeff Sheffield: Media East, Inc.; Virginia Beach, VA




"Mike understands color management and builds color profiles that hit the mark while optimizing ink utilization. He is professional in his approach to color profiling and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Mike's service is reasonably priced and has a good return on value based on reduced ink costs, reduced time and material waste from trial and error color correction. Mike is easy-going and very supportive in his training style. We enjoyed working with him and have had great results with the profiles he built for us.”


--Alan Olinger: Houston Sign Company; Houston, TX




“Kudos to Correct Color out of Austin, Texas After spending countless hours and several hundred square feet and countless amounts of ink on test prints trying to get my printer to print the colors I needed. I finally broke down and contacted Correct Color. The tears of frustration turned into tears of joy.


I spoke with Mike on Monday and had a completely unreasonable request for him. I needed him to fly to Michigan on Tuesday and get my printer up and ready by Wednesday night (tonight) I had some prints I needed to complete for a NASCAR race this weekend. I could not hit the clients colors . Not only is Mike a great wealth of knowledge he’s a master at color. From the time he walked into my place, he was nothing but professional. Diagnosed the problems I was having with my profiles to calibrating my monitors.


My printer is now printing the most absolutely beautiful prints. Mike takes the time to explain X, Y, and Z with you. It has been a fabulous experience working with Correct Color. As I now, sit back and type this message while printing the banners that gave me so much grief. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I am so grateful! Price of Mimaki $15,000 Price of Onyx: $2,500 Price of Triangle Ink System: $1,000 Price of several rolls of Ultra Flex: $1,000’s Price of not being able to sell: $1,000’s Price of Correct Color: !!!!!! Priceless __________________ Thanks, Lorna”


--Lorna Servetter: Trestain Manufacturing; Detroit, MI




“Hey sign guys near me or not: If you are a large or grand format inkjet print manufacturer, and you aren't a self righteous "know-it-all" which is so prevalent in the sign and graphic business; or, if you are a K-I-A, but can come down from your arrogant step-ladder for a straight-forward fix to color management; give Mike a call. Don't suffer with grays that print green or red or a way-to-narrow color gamut. After Mike's "FIX," I printed a bronze-colored logo with a feathered gray to transparent drop shadow on inexpensive banner material. The client was stunned and immediately ordered two more. Economic times are tough, the competition is selling prints for less then you can buy raw material - you need an edge. I got mine from CorrectColor."


--Neil Britt: Fineline Signs and Graphics; San Dimas, CA




“Several years ago I would class his work as “trade secret” but you can’t hold a good like the work of Mike Adams back to long …so here goes: Color Profiling is a “black art” that only a select few have the necessary skills. Mike is one of those guys. He is reasonable priced for the work he does and is very professional in how he goes about his work. Most of what he knows /does is going to be way above your head but that is ok…you're in good hands with Mike Adams.”


--Peter Salaverry: Skinzwraps; Dallas, TX




“When it comes to color, Mike is the man. We first met in 2008 when we first got color profiled. We thought we were good before, but after Mike profiled our printers and monitors and implemented complete color workflow management, our colors are consistent, predictable, repeatable and spectacular! We called Mike to come in again now that it is 2010 just to make sure that our colors were still spot on and with no fail they are still PERFECT!!!! Every printing company should use this service so that there will be no doubt in your mind you have perfect color output. Thanks Mike."


--Beth Marsh: Sign Effects; Austin, TX




“Mike is an expert in his field. He was able to come in to our print shop and help calibrate all the machines so the color output was excellent and we understood what we were doing. High recommend Mike for any graphics/color calibration for designers or any type of shop with printing capabilities.”


--Christian Beebe: Worldwide Graphics and Sign Company; Cincinnati, OH




“I've known Mike Adams for the last five years. In that time he has proven to an invaluable source of knowledge in his field. As a firm that depends deeply in the realm of the printed color world, he is an incredible resource. He has a way of explaining a very difficult subject and is very pleasant to work with. I would, and have, highly recommended Mike to anyone.”


--Rudy Perez: Southwestern Blueprint; Dallas, TX