RIP Sales And Installation


So just what is a RIP, anyway, and why do you need one?


A RIP is a raster image processor. And you need one because what a RIP does is define the dots your printer actually produces; and just as when you're shooting photographs what you're actually creating is pixels, when you're printing, what you're actually creating is dots.


And what a RIP actually does is convert pixels into dots, using information in profiles.


Over the years, here at Correct Color, we've gotten to know just about every RIP out there very well, and we sell two of the very best.


We are authorized resellers for ONYX...










...and for Caldera.

We can sell you any version of any product made by Caldera or by ONYX.


So why buy a RIP from Correct Color?


Because we understand RIP's and what they are, and what they do. And that can save you a lot of money.


Basically, all RIP's are made modularly, so that you buy the kernel, and then what you need in terms of printer permissions and features. At Correct Color, since what we do is work with print process through RIP's every day, we'll know exactly what features you need to get just the RIP package you want, so that you aren't paying for printer permissions or features you don't need and will never use.


And since all RIP systems are pretty much like Lego sets in that you can add another part at any time, there's no need to buy features now because you might need them someday. Buy what you need as you need it, and then add what you need when you need it.


Also note above that RIP's convert pixels into dots using information in profiles.


So buy your RIP solution from Correct Color, have us install it and set it up, write your profiles and get you some Certified Correct Color, and you can stand back and watch the quality of your output soar.

Learn more about Correct Color RIP sales and installation:

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