Well, I’ll admit I do have a Mac.

Now this is good. Follow the link, and you can read all about how color management was invented by “a fag with a Mac” and is made for “people with butt plugs…”.

This guy would also like to murder me and my family…but since he doesn’t know where I live, evidently he’s going to satisfy himself by posting invective and engaging in some abusive behavior towards at least one woman.

Apparently he is at least not going to beat his dog. Perhaps he doesn’t have one.

Enjoy: http://milliondollarextreme.tv/post/1093417887/color-management-profiles-and-murder

Okay, so here’s what I don’t understand and maybe when Mr. Extreme gets in from beating his girlfriend, he can enlighten me: If he cares about color enough to get all befuddled to the point of violence by the thought of digital color management, then why doesn’t he care to take the time to understand it?

‘Cause let’s be clear yet one more time: No one, “invented” color management. It’s simply a fact that every device that reproduces color reproduces color differently to some degree. So in order to reproduce color correctly, there has to be some means to quantify how that is done.

In digital imaging, it’s done with numbers. Gee, imagine that! That is, after all, what “digital” means.

So if you want to rail, rant, whine and wet yourself over Photoshop not being able to create a “pure blue” you might first want to ask yourself, “on what device?”

And if you want to create a group of pixels to reproduce a specific blue on a specific device, what’s the very first absolute thing you’ve got to have?

Why, yes indeed!

The color profile of that device.

How do you get that?

Why, yes indeed!

Color management!

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  1. Apparently I need to go buy a butt plug. I had no idea that was a pre-requisite for using color management. It’s also too bad he didn’t want to get too technical and share his sage wisdom on the subject with all us “pholks”.

    It sure is easy to complain about how something when you don’t truly understand it.

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