Might Want To Hold Up On That Upgrade

It seems it’s almost a given that every time one of the major large-format RIP’s comes out with a New! and Improved! version, it takes a little while for them to get the bugs out.

Well, day before yesterday I flew out to a good client’s to do a few things, among them upgrade their RIP from Onyx 7 to Onyx X10. Install went easily enough and everything seemed okay, so that was that and I left for the airport.

In about as much time as it took the client to get back to his shop from dropping me off, he called and wanted to know why he was getting no display image on any of his Jeti printers. He’s got three of them: a 1224; a 3150; and a 3350. And on all of them, he got either a black box in place of a screen preview, or a box filled with question marks.

In all cases, the jobs printed okay, but the way these guys run their workflow, this is a pretty big problem; if they have ten or fifteen jobs in the queue at a machine, it’s pretty hard to tell which is which if they can’t see them.

So I called Onyx the next morning and found out that it’s a “known bug and they’re working on it.”

Evidently it’s not just Jetis either. It’s all machines that have a spooler and a display–most grand format machines.

So heads up. If that’s you and you’re about to upgrade to X10, you might want to hold up. My client has actually gone back to using 7 until this is resolved.

I’ve got a case number on it, so watch this space. When it’s resolved, I’ll let you know.

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  1. We have been looking at this issue at ONYX and have determined that there is an issue in the driver of the Jeti printers in how they create the preview image for those devices.

    From our testing of many grand format printers, we have not seen issues with preview images on any other devices. Typically, preview images are specific for individual printers as they each have their own requirements.

    This issue is something that will be corrected in a Jeti driver update when it is ready. It should not require any changes to the product or applications.

    What concerns me is the comment that this apparently affects other printers. We have not seen this to be the case. Are you aware of other printers affected by a similar problem? Any information you can provide would be extremely helpful. Obviously, this is not how we would want our drivers to behave!

    Thanks again,
    Bryan Manwaring
    Product Planning and Architecture Manager
    ONYX Graphics, Inc.

  2. Just to update this: I’m told by Onyx that I misunderstood what they were telling me when I called this in, and that it’s not all machines with a display, just all Jetis.

    So if you’ve got a Nur or a Vutek or a whatever else, evidently this is not an issue for you.

  3. kj9100

    @typhoon, Has this been resolved?

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