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Monitor color, working RGB, and sRGB

Tweet    Okay, I said I wasn’t going to devote anymore words to color management on the Internets, but I’ve been working in Flash of late on a project I’ve been considering doing for the past four years and it looks like it may finally actually happen; and then as well I saw this little […]

Color Managed iPhones?

Y’know, I make my living at this, but a part of me honestly asks: Why bother? However the Twittersphere–or whatever it’s called–is just all abuzz over this image in the announcement of iPhone OS4: See it, down in the lower left-hand corner, behind the gdgt logo? Sure enough, “ICC profiles.” So what do you suppose […]


I was doing my usual word-search for “color management” on Twitter this morning, and I came across this: Photoshop comps look washed out when exporting for web? Read this: Color management in Photoshop for the web The link takes you here: Now, fact is there’s much worse “helpful information” about color management out […]