Monthly Archives: March 2010

Money Well Spent

I’m not the spring chicken I used to be, that’s for certain. In fact, I’ve seen more than a few upturns and downturns in my day. But I’ve never seen anything quite like the situation that exists now. I don’t know if it’s because banks still aren’t lending money or people are just spooked about […]

Color Management on the Internet

Yeah, kind of sounds like an oxymoron, and in fact it sounds like it because it is. But what’s funny is, well, I opened a Twitter account awhile back: if you’re dying to see or want to be one of the small select group following me. My idea was that I’d just watch for […]

East Coast Opportunity

Want complete beginning to end color workflow management that’s guaranteed? Want to be in complete control of color from inception to completion? Want to print PMS colors with confidence? Want to say goodbye forever to swatch charts for all your machines and media; to test strips; to wasted materials and time; and to making excuses […]

The Bomb

Most times I actually have no beefs with the TSA folks. Seems to me that they take a good deal of abuse from people who just like to complain about anything and everything. However a few weeks ago I did have an interesting little exchange with a TSA guy at Austin Bergstrom, who, after holding […]

Lost in East LA…

So yesterday afternoon my wondrous iPhone, survivor of a some-35-mph flight off the roof of my car onto the middle of a busy street in north Dallas and then an hour or so sitting in the middle of that street till I came and rescued it…froze up. Just as I was getting off the plane […]

First report from the road

So the week is half over and updates from the field have been a little slow in coming…meaning that there are the inevitable kinks to work out of the operation. However the project at Z Decals is done. And Nick, the owner of Z Decals, is now one happy guy. They do almost exclusively wraps, […]