Monthly Archives: February 2010

Well you can come along with me ’cause we got a lot of things to do now

So this week I’m going first to Athens, Georgia–which is a little ways outside of Atlanta–and then to San Dimas, California, which is somewhere in the midst of the LA sprawl. And what’s kind of interesting to me is the similarity of the two projects. Now, one of the questions I get asked occasionally, or […]

Who is the Alien Girl?

If you’ve ever been to a large-format trade show of any kind you’ve seen her. And one thing good/bad about her, she’s so colorful that even if she’s printed poorly she still looks pretty good. But do you know anything about her? Um…if you’re waiting for me to answer, I don’t either. I have no […]

A small rant…

As part of my campaign to become interconnected in the whole Web 2.0 world, I actually got a Twitter account. I said I never would, just because Twitter is such a stupid name and Tweeting is such a silly-sounding thing to do, and also because I refuse to use letters or numbers for perfectly good […]

As interchangeable as piston rods…

So I was asked the question by a commenter just how familiar I am with the G7 method, and just what I think of it. Interesting question too. Because as it so happens, G7 has been on my mind a good deal of late. You’ve probably seen G7 and heard of G7 and probably know […]

Why Correct Color matters

A couple weeks ago I got a call from my friends at just outside Detroit. They’re not only friends but a customer, and I’d been up there a year or so ago to do workflow management for them and to profile their Mimaki JV-33’s. Seems they’ve invested in a brand new Gandi 1224 UV […]

Evaluating ICC Profiles

So we all know what an ICC profile is, right? (In this case, ICC printer profiles.) Well, I like to think of ICC profiles as roadmaps. That’s one my training session analogies. You put them in the glovebox and they’re there whenever any application needs to call on them to get to their particular color […]