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Five Years Of Correct Color

Tweet    Well I’m a day late posting this. It was actually five years ago yesterday that I first started doing business as Correct Color. And I have to mark the occasion by saying it’s been an interesting and entertaining five years, and I’ve loved every minute of it. And if there’s one thing I’ve […]

Matching PMS Colors…Part III

Tweet    Part 1 Part 2 To summarize so far: In the spot color world, you’ve got one formula of ink that is a particular PMS color. Regardless of the media involved, you use that formula of ink when you’re printing that PMS color. Also, that PMS color has an ultimate L*a*b* value: The L*a*b* […]

Matching PMS Colors…Part II

Part 1 Tweet    So that’s all well and good and a nice trip down memory lane old timer, you might be saying. But we live in this world and we gave up printing with potatoes long ago. So what’s the point? The point is that for each and every PMS color, there is one […]

Matching PMS Colors In Large And Grand Format Digital Printing

Tweet    What do you know about PMS colors? If you’re an old school printer, odds are you have one particular view of PMS colors, a view developed from working with PMS colors as either physical ink or as “screen mixes.” If you grew up in any other environment, you may have a completely different […]

If you want your color to stay the same, your color numbers have to change

Tweet    I’ve got an ad agency client who’s got a project that involves several large blocks of various PMS colors that have to be printed across a wide range of devices, platforms, and techniques. Some of them will print as spots, some as process mixes; some will print litho, some wide format, some on […]

Well, I’ll admit I do have a Mac.

Now this is good. Follow the link, and you can read all about how color management was invented by “a fag with a Mac” and is made for “people with butt plugs…”. This guy would also like to murder me and my family…but since he doesn’t know where I live, evidently he’s going to satisfy […]

Might Want To Hold Up On That Upgrade

It seems it’s almost a given that every time one of the major large-format RIP’s comes out with a New! and Improved! version, it takes a little while for them to get the bugs out. Well, day before yesterday I flew out to a good client’s to do a few things, among them upgrade their […]

Color Management and iPhone 4

Tweet    Update: This page is a little out of date. IE and the iPhone haven’t changed, but Firefox and Safari both have. I’ll update a little more when I get a chance, but both of them are handling color differently now than they were when I put this up. I got my new iPhone […]

Horrible Advice

Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything. Sorry to anyone who missed me, but I’ve been globe-trotting, seeing the world, having fun, making a dime or two, sick as a dog, stuff like that. Anyway, one of the things I tell clients and prospective clients and one of the reasons I stress […]

Monitor color, working RGB, and sRGB

Tweet    Okay, I said I wasn’t going to devote anymore words to color management on the Internets, but I’ve been working in Flash of late on a project I’ve been considering doing for the past four years and it looks like it may finally actually happen; and then as well I saw this little […]