About Correct Color


Since 2005, Correct Color has established itself as one of the worldwide leaders in on-site color management implementation for large format printers.


Correct Color is a complete color management solutions provider for large and grand format printers, and is the business name of world renowned color guru Mike Adams.


The advantage Mike Adams has over maybe every other color management solutions provider currently in the business is that he does not come from a background in photography, or in information technology. The base of Adams's color knowledge comes from the printing industry.


And the bottom line is that if you're a large format printer, the fact is that what you are, first and foremost, is a printer.


You may not think of yourself as a printer, but that's what you are. You're using primary ink colors to produce images on media, and the rules of printing that have always applied in printing apply to you.


For parts of five decades now, Adams has been on the cutting edge of the business of putting colorants onto media. This wealth of experience gives Correct Color unique insights into the problems associated with today's diverse digital color workflows.


In the 1980's, at Harp Press in Dallas, Texas, Adams developed color-separation and -printing procedures that were the standard for quality printing in a time when color separations were first moving from the process camera to the laser scanner. Adams also at Harp Press developed an ink formula and technique for printing double-pass solids that became the absolute standard for quality and is in use to this day around the world.


In the late 1990's and early 2000's, at Memories On Demand, one of the very earliest (ahead of its time, perhaps?) large-format print-on-demand websites, Adams worked to develop one of the first completely ICC-profiled digital large-format inkjet color workflows.


This fusion of knowledge of old-school printing and digital color reproduction gives Adams an unrivaled ability to custom-build a workflow that will put color to work for you.


And when you put Correct Color to work for you, it won't be some technician we just hired coming out to impress you with what he just learned in the training seminars, it will be Mike Adams himself.