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Correct Color -- Color Management For Large Format Printers

Once a stepchild, the large format inkjet printing segment of the printing industry is now booming.

Nowadays, it seems large format printers are just about everywhere, doing just about everything.

From fine art to billboards; from dye sublimation to vehicle wraps; from direct-to-fabric to backlits, large format inkjet printing has developed into the most dynamic and growing segment of the printing industry.

Since its inception over eight years ago, Correct Color has worked almost exclusively providing color management services for the large format inkjet printing industry.

And Correct Color has developed a color workflow system, Color By Correct Color, that is specifically designed for large format inkjet printers. Color By Correct Color is not adapted from a procedure or process that was developed for some now-shrinking segment of the printing industry.

Color By Correct Color was designed from the ground up for the unique features and challenges of large format inkjet printing.

Whatever type of large format operation you are, whether you're a fine art printer using aqueous printer, a billboard printer using UV machines, a vehicle wrapper using solvent or latex machines, or whether you're a dye-sub or fabric printer, Color By Correct Color is a color management system designed from the ground up for you.


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